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A little over a year ago, Salem Eagle Publishing approached us with a special request: to create a monthly Estate and Financial Planning newsletter that would provide invaluable insights and strategies to help individuals like yourself build a solid estate for you and your posterity. We are excited to report that to date we have produced 10 issues of their newest newsletter, Generational Wealth Strategies, and have received glowing accolades from financial experts as well as subscribers.  We cordially invite you to download a FREE sample copy of the July 2023 edition.

What sets Generational Wealth Strategies (GWS) apart from other newsletters is not only its mission to empower you with the vital strategies, concepts, ideologies, tools, and innovations for a secure financial future but also the addition of two esteemed columnists, attorney Richard Durfee and Legacy Global Foundation director, Melodie Gatz. With their additional expertise and contributions, GWS has become a comprehensive resource that covers a multitude of key estate planning and wealth preservation techniques and tools.

As a subscriber, you will receive a monthly dose of the latest insights and expert advice on how to generate tax-advantaged wealth and properly plan your estate, ensuring that your wealth remains within the family for generations, while minimizing the impact of taxes. We understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the ever-changing landscape of estate and financial planning, and our newsletter will equip you with the knowledge and guidance you’ll need to make informed decisions and strategic moves.

To give you a glimpse of Generational Wealth Strategies, we are sharing with you at no cost the July 2023 issue.

To join us on this journey towards financial security and generational wealth, simply click HERE to subscribe: