The Future of Retirement Savings

Estate Planning Specialists

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This booklet is a guide to help anyone across the country learn how to utilize Indexed Annuities and protect their retirement assets against potential stock market declines. 

The power of zero is truly amazing. Never take a loss again and enjoy interest credited based on the performance of your chosen stock market index.

In this guide you will learn:

• The dilemmas modern day investors face

• What are Indexed Annuities

• How you can participate in the stock market without risking your principal

• How to become the world’s greatest market timer – Find out how you can become contractually guaranteed to be 100% in the Index when it goes up and 0% when it goes down<

• The top 10 features to look for when selecting Indexed Annuities

• What index to choose and why

• Rate calculation methods and how they respond to different markets<

• The trade-off between spreads, caps, participation rates and contract minimum guarantees

• How insurance companies invest the money and how they can offer guarantees with upside market potential

• How to make a tax-deferred exchange into an IA from retirement plans and other annuities

• Surrender penalties and traps to avoid

• The trade-off between bonuses and surrender penalties

• Income Riders, are they worth all the hype